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8 Stores in West Bend WI

Whether it’s clothing, jewelry, or grocery stores, West Bend is a city that offers a wide variety of shopping opportunities to its visitors. Downtown West Bend, in particular, is the go-to place for shoppers looking for everything from clothing to home furnishings, fine art, electronics, sporting goods, restaurants, and more. Besides the commercial area that surrounds the historic marketplace, you will also find large chain stores, noisy bars, and quaint mom and pop businesses across busy Washington Street.

Want to see the best stores in West Bend WI? Here’s a list of places to get you started.

1. Kohl’s (1400 S Main St)

One of the busiest department stores in West Bend WI, Kohl’s is the place to be if you are looking to buy something for yourself, a loved one, or your home. Not only do they have prices that are budget-friendly, but they also have a wide selection of products from every brand that you can imagine. Electric appliances, luggage, home decor products, and food are just some of the items you’ll find in the store. They also have a good collection of clothing for all the family. Both men’s and women’s clothes come in all sizes and there is a wide variety of styles for every taste, going from casual jeans and sports clothes to stylish cocktail dresses and suits.

2. Mills Fleet Farm (1637 W Washington St)

Thinking of visiting the great outdoors? Mills Fleet Farm is one of the leading stores in West Bend WI when it comes to offering hunting equipment, fishing supplies, hiking boots, camping tents, pet supplies, insect repellent, and other outdoor-related products. Prices are reasonable and the store’s knowledgeable staff is always ready to help. There is also a large variety of home goods, car parts, and even snacks, like their huge marshmallows which will satisfy even the hungriest of kids. Shoppers will also find a good selection of hardy clothes especially suited for outdoor use which are available at very fair prices.

3. Hobby Lobby (1800 S Main St)

Hobby Lobby is one of the best arts-and-crafts stores in West Bend WI and the place where you can find everything from fabrics to floral arrangements, partyware, picture framing, home decor accessories, greeting cards, and more. Well-organized and supplied, the store offers visitors the chance to find pretty much anything they need and at very reasonable prices. The sheer pool of products available can sometimes be overwhelming, but thanks to their helpful staff and digitalized catalog you are only one question away from finding that lamp or card you so desperately need.

4. Sendik’s Food Market (280 N 18th Ave)

Do you think that once you’ve seen one grocery store you’ve seen them all? Wrong! When it comes to grocery stores Sendik’s Food Market is one of a kind. With its wide selection of organic grocery products and its clean, ordered lanes, it’s easy to see why Sendik is considered to be the best grocery stores in West Bend WI. The quality of the meats is especially noteworthy, as is the attention that is put into presenting the food and the relaxing environment found in the store. Even the floor is carpeted, which helps to increase the cozy, home-like feeling that the customer gets when shopping through the store.

5. Serendipity Gifts (600 S Main St)

Buying a gift for that special somebody can be tricky. That is unless you’re lucky enough to be walking on Serendipity Gifts’ sale floor. There you will see every item beautifully displayed and the useful staff is always eager to help newcomers find the perfect gift for their loved ones. Whether it’s elegant jewelry for a lady, seasonal items for the home, baby items for a newborn, or fun games for the kids, there is something for everybody in the store. And the best part is that the prices are so good that you’ll probably feel like taking something for yourself as well!

6. Dollar Tree (1602 S. Main Street)

If what you’re looking for a discount then Dollar Tree is the place to go to. With literally thousands of dollar-priced items on its shelves, you’ll be surprised how far you can go with just a few dollars in your pocket. Who knows, maybe you can even buy the whole place! Dollar Tree is divided into various departments, like seasonal decor, cleaning supplies, toys, automotive, electronics, and others, where customers can find a wide selection of products to chose from. Despite being a dollar store many items can be bought for only a few cents, which makes it an excellent shopping destination for non-essential items.

7. Temptations (9800 W Greenfield Ave)

They say that bigger is better, but when it comes to Temptations the opposite seems to be the case. This little adult shop has everything you need to spice up your sex life. From aromatic candles to sexy clothing, various toys, and a good collection of videos for rent and sale. The selection of items is huge and besides the usual essential items also includes a good amount of fun gifts for birthdays and bachelor parties. Both the staff and the prices are friendly, which makes the shopping experience very relaxing and enjoyable. Temptations is a judgment-free area, so feel free to ask directly for what you’re looking for and you’ll get some good recommendations in return.

8. Candyman on Main (121 N Main St)

Featuring delicious candy, a friendly staff, and a beautiful location, Candyman on Main has everything you need to keep your sweet tooth happy. The owner manages the store directly and his kind demeanor and excellent service are one of the reasons why it’s one of the best candy stores in West Bend WI. The variety of candy and sweets found here is truly astonishing to the point of surprising even the most knowledgeable connoisseurs. Here you’ll find every type of candy you could imagine, including gummies, chocolate pretzels, angel food, and various creative combinations of candy with chocolate, Oreos, and other sweet ingredients. Truly a wonderful place to visit for people of all ages.

West Bend WI is a city filled with shopping opportunities for everybody. Whether you’re looking for something you need or just shopping recreationally, downtown West Bend is the place to be!